8 Novel Ways to Use WordPress

8 novel ways to use wordpress

In 2008, WordPress started as being merely blog software with single bite of code. Since then, it is grown into a versatile all-purpose publishing tool and powers more than 24% of the web. From simple websites and blogs, WordPress turned out to be complex portals, enterprise websites and now even builds application. It combines simplicity for users and publishers making it flexible and easy to use.

Literally, there are thousands of plugins with limitless functionalities in WordPress. It offers users a complete freedom to use it in the way they want without any licensing fees. Apart from creating a help desk, director, a wiki and a task manager, there are more interesting options to create a site from the scratch. Here are a few Novel ways to use WordPress:-

  • A Private or Public Social Network

WordPress theme P2 allows users to create social network with its robust privacy settings. You can ensure your social network is entirely private that it can be viewed only by family members, friends or team. With the help of free plugins, you can add image sharing capability and make donations through the site easily.

  • A Company Intranet

The team over at Treehouse has put down a feature in WordPress. It enable users to change the label of standard WordPress ‘Posts’ to ‘News’, organising your pages and ensuring the access to your Intranet is restricted by either IP address or login.

  • Zoho/Google Docs Alternative

Looking for an alternative way to store your data?  Save all your data in self-hosted WordPress alternative! You can use WordPress privacy settings to protect your content that you are saving.

  • An Online Business Card or Resume

Using variety themes like zeeBizzCard, Digital Business Card in WordPress you can design an online business card.

  • A Directory

Whether it is a membership directory, real estate directory or business directory, the easiest way to do is with the WordPress plugin.

  • Your Lifestream

Are you looking for a way to turn your entire WordPress site into a lifestream site? Using James Bruces guide you can plug in your social networks, blogs and any RSS feed and make a one-stop-shop for your entire personal online content.

  • A Countdown Website

If you are planning to launch a new website, event or a product you can take simple theme, either paid or free which comes with a lot of flexibility and offers pretty cool features.

  • RSS Aggregator

WordPress made it possible for users to change their site into an RSS aggregator with themes that requires no plugin at all. Customising blogs can be done with the help of plugins route.

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