Hosting Companies: It Doesn’t Matter Who You Choose



Today, World Wide Web plays a vital role in promoting your business. Building a website has become an important factor that helps your business reach the world.

What is a web hosting service? Website is the face of your business and to host your website, you need to know all about hosting companies. Are you in search of a hosting company? Choosing a hosting service helps you advertise your products or services in a cheaper way. It doesn’t matter who you choose, every hosting company offers almost similar features and hosting plans.

But how to choose a web hosting company? While choosing a web hosting service, you have to check out the following factors:

  1. Space provided by the hosting company
  2. Compare the pricing
  3. Customer support
  4. Up Time and Speed
  5. Free Add-ons available
  6. Security
  7. User friendly Interface for CPanel & Hosting Dashboard

Before choosing a hosting service you have to understand what kind of service your website needs, your budget and kind of server you prefer. You also have to know about the type of services offered by the web host. Here are some of the web hosting options available:

Free Hosting
This type of hosting is best suited for small business and personal sites. It is free and also provides free email option.

Shared Hosting
It is a cost effective type of web hosting where your website is hosted with other websites on a same server but with a separate domain name. This a good option for small businesses and with multiple software options.

Collocated Hosting
This is a type in which you can run your own server in your premises. Collocated environment has high bandwidth, security and up-time. It also offers unlimited software options.

Dedicated Hosting
You can host your website on your dedicated server. Dedicated environment provides you faster performance and higher level of security.

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