Which is useful for getting more visitors – different content or more content?

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How to get more visitors to your website? This has become a common question in the world of today. If you have a good website but still frustrated at the lack of business then it’s time to analyze your website content. One of the obvious ways to improve your visitors is by adding new content. But what type of content will drive you more traffic, different content or more content?

Adding new content to your site can help you get to the top of Google and stay there for a long term. Producing more content will result in more rankings, more visitors and more business. Google rewards ranking and visitors for those who has good and unique contents. Thus, it is really important to add new contents which will be a reason for visitors to return to your website. Adding new contents regularly to your business site will have various benefits. Some of the specific benefits are;

Target and rank for new keywords
Creating new contents gives you the opportunity to target new keyword and rank. You can create long-tail keywords from a content rich page. Having new keywords can create a significant amount of new traffic to your website.

More social signals and backlinks
Social signals and backlinks can boost the trust and authority of your site. This can also increase the ranking for all the keywords on your website.

Demonstrate your knowledge and expertise
Providing more information and advice can help you gain more trust. You can also improve your business by selling to people who trust you. Demonstrating your knowledge and expertise will help you make your website more authoritative.

Increase in visitor viewing time
Users will spend more time on your website if you have more pages on your website. The search engines also consider the visitor viewing time in their ranking algorithms.

Cheer visitors
Your content should encourage visitors to return to your website. If you add new contents with good quality every week or often, visitors will have a reason to return to your website.

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